ALC "Boryslav plant "REMA"

ALC Boryslav Plant REMA is a wide-range enterprise specializing in the production of spare parts for gas-motor compressors 10 GKN, 10 GKM, 10 GKNA, 10 GKMA, MK-8, spare parts for pumping units SK-3, SKD-3, SKN-3, SK-5, SKN-5, SK-6, SKD-6, 6SK-6, SK-8, 7SK-8, SK-8, SKD-8, SK-10, SKN-10, UP9T, UP-12T, integrated air-cleaning devices KVOU, filters for fine purification of air and gas, heat exchange equipment, spare parts for CNG filling stations, spare parts for transport, medical equipment.